radiant heating repair in Overland Park, KS

Repair Your Heating System in a Flash

Rely on us for prompt radiant heating repairs

The longer you wait to fix a small leak in your radiant heating system, the more likely it is to become a major issue. When you need prompt radiant heating repairs, reach out to the pros at About Town Home Services. Our expert technicians can update your system or reconfigure your pipes to get your home’s heating back on track.Get a free estimate on your radiant heating repair— contact us today.

5 signs indicating you need to repair your radiant heating system

You should contact an HVAC contractor right away if:

  1. Your floors are heating unevenly.
  2. Your floors are not heating at all.
  3. Your floorboards are coming loose.
  4. Your carpet becomes damp or discolored.
  5. Your utility bills spike for no apparent reason.

Schedule radiant heating repairs before a small leak becomes a big problem. Call 913-206-1897 now.